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Helping importers and wineries manage their own direct-to-consumer sales in Florida.



  • Use your inventory at SALU to sell directly to consumers. 

  • Create discount codes to share with your customers to drive sales and track results. 

  • Send samples and gifts to anyone in the country with the click of a button.

  • Generate sales from your participation in consumer events, social media campaigns, and other promotional efforts that you invest in. 

  • Take advantage of SALU’s events and marketing power to generate sales and build your brands. 




  • $500 annual membership fee (includes all the benefits enjoyed by all SALÚ! members).

  • $100 set up fee per wine/sku + $50 per year after the first year for maintenance and updates (vintage, tasting notes, rating, etc.). Store up to 36 bottles per wine at our temperature-control warehouse in Miami. You can replenish your inventory as often as needed throughout the year. Total annual cost for 20 wines: $2,500 (year 1), $1,500 (year 2 and beyond).



  • Select the wines you plan on selling through SALÚ! Wine Community’s retail shop.


  • Send us a high resolution image of each wine bottle and the technical details that you would like featured on our store. Don’t forget to include any ratings your wines may have received from reputable US critics. 


  • Deliver your wines to our Miami warehouse at 2385 NW 70th Avenue, Unit A-12, Miami, FL 33122. Please contact our office to help you get a freight quote from anywhere in the country. If you are shipping from the Northeast, especially from New Jersey or New York, you might be able to benefit from our consolidated rates for less-than-full-pallet (LTP) shipments. 


  • Invoice our wholesaler partner at your FOB USA prices. Please note that you will receive payment from our wholesale partner as your wines are depleted. 


  • Determine your public retail prices. We recommend setting up your public price at the current average price listed on If a wine has little or no presence on wine searcher, choose your suggested retail price for the wine, keeping in mind that SALÚ’s prices will appear on wine searcher. If you would like to make your wines available for purchase in our MEMBERS SHOP, you’ll need to provide a 30% discount off your everyday retail price while allowing SALÚ! to earn a minimum 30% margin on the sale. Only wines included in our MEMBERS SHOP are promoted through SALÚ!’s monthly gatherings. To finalize your pricing strategy, please note that our wholesale partner charges $10 per case (regardless of size) to cover Florida’s $5.35/cs excise tax and administrative expenses. 


  • With all this in mind, you might want to consider starting your pricing strategy backwards to come up with the FOB price you should use to invoice our wholesale partner.  For example, a wine that you’d like to sell to the general public for $20 will be purchased by SALU members for $13.99. Once you take SALU’s margin, you’ll be left with $9.80 per bottle that will be paid to our wholesale partner. That’s $117.60 per case. After deducting $10 for clearing, you’ll come to an FOB price of $107.60 per case. 


  • Create your discount codes, including the code you’ll use to send samples and any standard discounts you’d like to promote on your own. Keep in mind that 30% off your public retail price is the maximum discount you can offer anyone.




  • The way you’ll handle the shipment of samples anywhere in the country is similar to how you would purchase wine through SALÚ! as a consumer. You will use the same online store to place your order indicating the address where you want the samples sent. At checkout, you will enter your SAMPLES CODE, which will essentially reduce the price you will be paying for your wines down to the FOB Cost + $10 (wholesale clearing fee) per case equivalent PLUS $6 per bottle for packing materials, handling and administrative costs. We will use your Fedex account on file to ship your wine anywhere in the country. The samples will appear as shipped personally by you. 

  • Example: You’d like to ship 6 bottles of 6 different wines to the Wine Spectator in NY. You will go to, add to your shopping cart the wines you’d like to ship and enter your SAMPLES CODE at checkout. Let’s assume all 6 wines selected are $20 retail. When you enter your code, the total price in your basket will be reduced from $120 to $58.80 ($9.80 X 6) + $36 ($6 X 6) = $94.80. You will use your corporate credit card to pay and your samples will be shipped the next day using your Fedex Account on file. No sales tax will be charged.Please note that you will later receive payment in the amount of $58.80 from our wholesale partner, so $36 is the only fee you’ll be actually paying. 

US Wine Distribution System



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