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Welcome to SALÚ!, Florida's premier wine community and purchasing club. If you are a wine lover you've come to the right place. Whether you are just getting started in the fascinating world of wine understanding and appreciation, or you’ve been enjoying and learning about wine for decades, at SALÚ! you will find remarkable wines at wholesale prices, monthly educational experiences, and an exclusive community of wine enthusiasts like yourself with whom to share your passion for wine.

Wine Bottles

We have assembled a carefully-curated and constantly evolving portfolio of exceptional wines from around the world in partnership with some of the most reputable family-owned and operated wineries...

Wine education2.jpg

As a SALÚ! member you will have access to a wealth of educational opportunities through a combination of in-person tastings, seminars, online classes, and industry events you wouldn't be able to attend otherwise. Click below to learn more about our upcoming events.

Wine Cheers

Our social and networking program is at the very core of the company’s value proposition. We firmly believe that wine lovers are social beings who share a passion for wine, food, and travel among many other things.

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